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A utility put in protector (ie situated behind the electrical meter) does similar. So easily %keywords% installed that a lady who reads the meter may do it.

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A person who knows how a complex piece of software or hardware works (that is, who groks it); esp. somebody who can discover and fix bugs shortly in an emergency. Someone is a hacker if he or she has basic hacking capacity, but is a wizard with respect to one thing only if he or she has specific detailed knowledge of that thing. A good hacker could become a wizard for something given the time to study it. A one that is permitted to do things forbidden to odd people; one who has wheel privileges on a system. A Unix skilled, esp. a Unix techniques programmer.

Compare spod, laptop geek, terminal junkie, warez d00dz. Implies that the weenie has put a serious funding of time, effort, and concentration into the realm indicated; whether that is good or unhealthy is dependent upon the hearer’s judgment of how the speaker feels about that space.

There are many occasions that the surge would not even come from the ability strains. Not to say that teco hasnt ever paid on on that deal but I actually have seen 20+ homes that took a success, im there to restore the cable damages and they’re on their own for other damages.

See also holy wars, Weenix. [from `hung up’; widespread] Equivalent to wedged, but more widespread teco zap cap reviews at Unix/C websites. Not generally used of people.

  • A sudden interruption in electrical service, sanity, continuity, or program perform.
  • One who habitually gweeps in sense 1; a hacker.
  • [very common; from German `glitschig’ to slip, through Yiddish `glitshen’, to slip or skid] 1.
  • Sometimes recoverable.
  • “I’m going to go gweep for some time. See you in the morning.” “I gweep from 8 PM until three AM during the week.” 2.
  • “He’s a tough-core gweep, mumbles code in his sleep.”

The semicolon character, ; (ASCII ). A derogatory play on `Unix wizard’, frequent amongst hackers who use Unix by necessity however would favor alternatives. “This shell script tries to parse its arguments in 69 bletcherous ways. It must have been written by a real Unix weenie.” 2.

Hacker Speech Style

with locked up, wedged; compare hosed. A hung state is distinguished from crashed or down, where this system or system is also unusable but as a result of it is not running quite than because it’s waiting for something. However, the recovery from both situations is often the identical. It is also distinguished from the similar but more drastic state wedged – hung software program may be woken up with straightforward things like interrupt keys, however wedged will need a kill -9 and even reboot.

DEC individuals cringed once they heard “TWENEX”, but the time period caught on nonetheless (the written abbreviation `20x’ was also used). DEC attempted to persuade TOPS-20 users to transform to VMS, however instead, by the late 1980s, a lot of %keywords% the TOPS-20 hackers had migrated to Unix. This time period is related to assembler programming (`interrupt’ or `exception’ is extra widespread amongst HLL programmers) and seems to be fading into historical past among programmers as the function of assembler continues to shrink.

By the early Seventies, virtually all the techniques on the ARPANET ran TENEX. DEC purchased the rights to TENEX from BBN and began work to make it their very own. The first in-house code name for the operating system was VIROS (VIRtual reminiscence Operating System); when clients started asking questions, the name was modified to SNARK so DEC could honestly deny that there was any project called teco zap cap reviews VIROS. Ultimately DEC picked TOPS-20 as the name of the working system, and it was as TOPS-20 that it was marketed. The hacker neighborhood, conscious of its origins, shortly dubbed it TWENEX (a contraction of `twenty TENEX’), even though by this level little or no of the original TENEX code remained (analogously to the differences between AT&T V6 Unix and BSD).

Usable, but solely just so; not very strong; for internal use only. Said of a program or gadget.

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This usage is nicely enough established that `Unix Wizard’ is a recognized job title at some firms and to most headhunters. See guru, lord excessive fixer.

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