Privacy Policy

The purpose of this Privacy Policy page is to inform you, the visitor, everything concerning the data and information VPN Surf and other relevant third-party may collect.

VPN Surf may obtain the following:

Personal Identification Information

When signing up for available services, VPN Surf may request Personal Identification Information. Typically, the name and email are required. Sometimes, other information such as age, additional contact details, and address will be needed. Also, the information you share with third-parties services may be shared with VPN Surf.

VPNsGuide requires the Personal Identification Information only when;

  • You register for a service or purchase software offered by VPNsGuide.
  • You contact VPN Surf via the contact form or email message.
  • You subscribe to receive a VPN Surf newsletter via email.
  • You participate in VPN Surf giveaway and sweepstakes.

If you do not perform any of the tasks outlined above, VPN Surf will never request Personal Identification Information from you. VPN Surf has public forums and blogs where you can post information and comments. VPN Surf reserves the right of liability to any information you willingly post on these open platforms.

Non-personal Identification Information

On visiting our site, we collect the following non-personal identification data; the computer used, the browser used, the internet provider (IP), and software used to open the website. This information is not personal, and it is for site improvement, statistics, and trend tracking purposes.

How we collect data

  1. Cookies

Our website uses cookies to gather the information mentioned above. Cookies are small text files the browser saves on your computer when you open a website. We use cookies to collect relevant data that helps us enhance your experience on our site. Cookies are not malware, and they do not install any software on your computer. The data they collect helps track your browser history so that the advertiser can display relevant ads on web pages.

You can disable cookies on the VPN Surf website. However, this may affect some functions such as sign-in and comment.

  1. Third-Party Data Collection

VPN Surf website has third-party advertisers who use cookies to collect user data. Advertisers use the data they gather to track the performance of ads and visitors’ responses to the ads. Third-party advertisers obtain data such as IP, web pages visited, location, time, and duration of a visit. The third advertisers include Google, which uses Google Analytics to track website visits and overall user experience.

Collected Data Protection

Collected Data Usage and Protection

VPNsGuide only gathers information relevant for statistical purposes. During registration, we ensure we collect as little information as possible to make sure there is nothing useful on the servers for cybercriminals. VPN Surf protects user data using industry-standard server security to prevent unauthorized access and attacks.

Sharing or Selling of Data to Third-Parties

Information requested by VPN Surf is not shared or sold to a third-party. We may only share information relevant for statistical purposes with third advertisers.

How to Stop Data Collection and Disable Cookies

Web browsers accept and download cookies, by default. However, you have the option to stop the cookies downloads in the settings. Also, you can determine the level of cookies downloads and usage. You do not require cookies to access the VPN Surf website, but, as mentioned in the Cookies section, the user experience may be affected if you disable cookies.

Privacy Policy Alterations

VPN Surf makes changes and alterations to this Privacy Policy from time to time. We have the right to make changes without any prior warning. After updating the page, we add a ‘last updated’ date at the end of the page.

Accepting Terms and Conditions

Visiting our website means you have accepted the terms and conditions of this Privacy Policy. You have the right not to visit our website if you find the terms of this Privacy Policy unacceptable.

More Information

Do you require any more information about our Privacy Policy or have any questions regarding our data collection methods? Talk to us by filling this contact form.

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