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At VPN Surf, our mission is Online Security. Online security is an essential factor when using the internet. Unfortunately, internet users are very susceptible to attacks and access the internet very insecurely. Realizing the underlying risks of online insecurity, we created this website. VPN Surf is here to educate you on Internet Security. We accomplish this by reviewing Internet Security products and other related products.

We require our users to accept the Terms of Use outlined herein. The terms are simply an agreement between VPN Surf and our visitors regarding how the visitors should conduct themselves. Also, there are some terms and conditions within the site that visitors should accept before proceeding.

Use of VPN Surf Website

VPN Surf grants you the right to read and use the information found on the web pages, otherwise generally referred to as “Content.” However, the content is for non-commercial use only. As a result, visitors are not expected to use the content for monetary profits. VPN Surf reserves Copyright, and therefore, you cannot reproduce the content without permission. The content is only for non-commercial and personal use. Any redistribution, alteration, and transmission of material are an infringement of copyright laws. We reserve complete Intellectual Property Rights.

Trademarks and Logos

All trademarks and logos in VPN Surf are not for use by anyone else but VPN Surf, which is to say; visitors are not supposed to use the logos on VPN Surf for whatever purpose. However, you can seek permission to use the logos and trademarks from the owners.

Links to Third-Party Websites

VPN Surf provides links to third-party sites throughout its content and web pages. These links are solely for the convenience of visitors. Please note that VPN Surf does not sponsor, recommend, or endorse the content and products in the third party links. When you open such links, you are redirected to the website of the third-party. Therefore, you are now subject to the Terms of Use of the other sites, and both the Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions of VPN Surf cease applying.

Linking to VPNsGuide Website

You have the freedom to connect VPN Surf to VPN-Surf.com However, and you shall not use “deep links” to do so. Thus, you are not allowed to create links that bypass the VPN Surf Homepage and other pages on the website. Also, you shall not mirror VPN Surf on other sites, which means that all links to VPN-Surf.com pages shall clearly state VPN Surf.

User Conduct

By using VPN Surf, you agree to use it lawfully. You shall uphold its security by ensuring you do nothing that proves otherwise. Also, you agree not to cause any harm and damage to VPN Surf content; neither shall you prevent other users from accessing VPN Surf.


By using the VPN Surf website, you agree to take responsibility for your behavior on VPN Surf. Additionally, you accept the legal obligation and agree to the losses involved if you harm and misuse VPN Surf in any way or violate the Terms of use of VPN Surf.

Affiliate Disclosure

At VPN Surf, we put a lot of time and effort into ensuring that we provide customers with quality information and Online Security tools that will live up to their claims. Doing so, we incur some expenses. To cover our costs, we use Affiliate Links that result in monetary gains. However, not all links on our website are Affiliates of ours. Either way, you should know that by clicking on specific links on our site, you are earning us money.

Changes to Terms of Use and Disclosure

The Terms of Use and Disclosure are subject to changes and modifications. VPN Surf reserves the right to notify visitors of such changes. By revisiting the website, after the Terms of Use and Disclosure are amended, a visitor automatically accepts the new Terms of Use and Disclosure. The last date of amendment of the Terms of Use and Disclosure is indicated at the bottom of the page.

User Privacy

To learn more about User privacy, please read through our Privacy Policy here.

More Information

If you require more information or have any questions regarding the Terms of Use and Disclosure, please talk to us through our contact form.

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